This month I by request I will be hosting Player Supreme. Supreme is not involved with the seduction community and brings a unique perspective to game and meeting women


Check out the video below called ¨´The transformation of Dan´´….



What you will learn:
•  How to meet women in night clubs.

•  Dance floor game.

•  Being the man in the relationship and how to keep your power.

•  *** Fashion asessment. Learn how to pick your power colors so you stand out at the club.


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Who is Player Supreme?





I had been listening to your show for probably over a year now, but only recently have I really begun following your method alone instead of mixing it in with things I learned from other PUAs.

Since I did that, I have felt a dramatic shift in my energy, my aura…

With nothing else to distract me, your mindset began ingraining itself into me…

I have felt this strong, masculine energy within me, which had been repressed throughout my younger years come to the surface. I have claimed this energy, my birthright, and I see the world with a different set of eyes.

As a man who takes the lead, is always in control, who sees himself as a KING in his world. A man who takes no BS, who sees through women and doesn’t let a single quip or sideways glance go by without checking her.

When you’ve become a REAL MAN, everything falls into place…your life and along with it, women.




Note: Sign-ups are online only. If you try to pay at the door, you will be turned away.
“Listening to you has help me in my life…no just my game ( and that’s where most of my improvement whent ) but in my existence as I am.

The most interesting thing about your shows is that you cover life, not just getting laid.

My relationship with my mother, my family, co-workers, friends…they all have improve about…..100% and I’m not fucking around.

When I found you, I was deep into the PUA shit…I just finished reading THE GAME, and I wanted to be one of those guys….

Then, from the very first show, I said…fuck, I dont want to be a PUA, I want to be a real man.

No shit, ever since then, I’ve been improving my inner game, and it reflects with my image.”


“Helped me with basic things—such as getting laid, working out, getting a better body to the deeper subjects such as finding myself more spirtually, knowing that I am a man, knowing that I am strong, confident, masculine and women desire me.
helping me to realize the type of man I am, and the type of women that I desire.
There is so much more that I cannot put into words.”


From the very beginning til now I have been changing because of the shows. I know when girls are interested, know that I am the master of my world and can do anything I want, and my self-esteem is through the roof.

I think the way you speak to me on your podcast gives me that urge to really take over my life and life is about following your own destiny and having bitches on your team is another element to life that will enrich it.

–The RealDeal



Note: Sign-ups are online only. If you try to pay at the door, you will be turned away.


Social Symposium is San Francisco’s premier event series, created for the purpose of bringing together the Bay Area’s socially-enlightened men and showcasing the world’s best and most talented social, sexual, and relationship experts.


Thank you to the attendees of the July Symposium with Vince Kelvin. It was our second biggest event ever in the history of Social Symposium! As our events continue to grow, expect to see more new and exciting improvements aimed at giving you real tangible results in your dating life and beyond.

This month I am excited to announce one of the most underrated dating experts that you may not have heard about. but should, Action Jackson. He is the creator of the innovative Matchbook Method, one of the first and most innovative systems for meeting women online.

Check out his “How To Message 30 Women In 10 Minutes” video below to see more of what he is about…

–> Check out the Matchbook Method here

What he will cover…

• REAL Life Examples of message replies and how each was successfully replied to.

• How to building rapport to make the meet up casual and feel super natural.

• Formulated opening messages that will skyrocket your message reply rate.

• Learn the MbM high success pre-written message system so you never have to type out another message again!

• Critical Attraction Techniques for leaving Comments, adding Friends, posting Bulletins, and choosing Top Friends.

• How to have attractive women leaving you instant Social-Proof Comments that will raise your Value through the roof and Attract even MORE women!

• How to get the meet up without ever having to call her!

• How to create the perfect opportunity to move the conversation off MySpace, instead of waiting for it.

• Eye-catching Subject Lines that ensure she reads your message.

• How to give value to the conversation without qualifying yourself or conveying romantic interest too early.

• How many messages to send out at a time and when to send them (Important!)

• My Super High Success Number Exchange Message formula!

• How to make sure she doesn’t flake on you!

• The Big Meet Up: How, When, Where, For How Long.

• How the exclusive Matchbook Method Messaging Ladder will guide you all the way to securing the meet up!

Note: Sign-ups are online only! If you try to pay at the door, you will be turned away.

Who is Action Jackson?

–> Check out the Matchbook Method here



AJ, gotta hand it…your method is sick. You’re right, I do need some better pictures, but I still pulled this hottie using your push/pull message close. # closed her and have a meet up next Tuesday w/ her.
-Zeke, 22

Hey Action Jackson,

Quick question. Got my first two meet ups last week and both of them felt like she and I met before or known each other. I’m guessing this is this normal right? If it is you should put in the book ‘no more 1st date awkwardness’.
-Jake, 38

Yo Action. Man my confidence has shot through the roof since using this shit, maybe because that one girl I met up with last week is way cuter than the ones I used to date. This was a nice little side effect I wasn’t expecting. Thanks for your help on the forum too.
-Taylor, 29

Dear AJ

I’m in my 40’s and only tried your method because of the money back guarantee since I was positive I was too old for this type of thing. However, I’m having great success with the mid 30’s age range. I admit I look young for my age but I the section on age calibration is definitely what helped me the most. Thank you.

–> Check out the Matchbook Method here


Note: Sign-ups are online only! If you try to pay at the door, you will be turned away.

Getting Physical Faster

You are here because you want more sex? More girls?

Me too.

The thing is, how much sex are you ACTUALLY having? And what material are you consuming that speaks to your ACTUAL experience?

One-night-stands are fast, fun, and gratifying (and least for awhile), but for many, they are far less common then getting numbers and going on dates. And if we are intelligent we will plan for the rule–not the exception.

Unfortunately, there is a MAJOR lack of information on these later phases of the dating process. When it actually comes time for the meet up, you might not know how to set things up properly in order to maximize your chances of getting physical. So in my next FREE teleseminar I am going to be talking about how I approach getting physical faster on dates.

What I’ll cover…

-Developing a logistical plan: Where to go and when
-Liminal Space: What it is and how you can use it to build high amounts of comfort and attraction simultaneously
-Rapport: How to relate to her, get her relating to you, and create that shared positive feeling
-Affection: Why it should come before getting sexual and how to smoothly move towards closeness and intimacy
-Sexual Escalation: How to progress towards sex and when to initiate sexuality so it feels natural for her and you

Why me?

1. Since the last teleseminar a number of guys have been requesting that I do more stuff like this.
2. I finally feel fully qualified to speak about this stuff as I have achieved measurable results in large quantity
3. I spent the last year learning from and teaching alongside some of the greatest and most successful masters involved with success with women

Why now?

Here in Costa Rica, I have been going out hardcore for the past few months and spent more time working on my game than I have ever done before in my entire life (I just finished a week long marathon I named “The Gauntlet” of 30 days and 30 nights of nonstop game, 6-8 hours per day). And when home, I’ve been nerding it up documenting in excruciating detail my experiences with women, fine-tuning, and distilling out all of the most potent things I am doing which are bringing me REAL results. So expect this call to be the first of some intensely concrete and practical dating advice from me. (There will be no “theoretical what-if mental masturbation” bullshit.)


Unless you are an ACTIVE student of the game (meaning you approach women regularity) DO NOT respond, as I have no interest in working with you. Again DO NOT respond if you are not currently applying yourself. This is not entertainment, it’s self-help.

To Excellence,

Here is the REPLAY of the call –> [podcast][/podcast]

SS Podcast, July Edition, feat. Vince Kelvin

For this month’s podcast I’ve got a REPLAY of the Vince Kelvin conference call for you. Enjoy.

Just click play –> [podcast][/podcast]

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Note: Sign-ups are online only! If you try to pay at the door, you will be turned away.


Cheers to the nearly 200 individuals who have attended and supported Social Symposium over the past 16 months. As our events grow, expect to see more new and exciting improvements aimed at giving you real tangible results in your dating life and beyond.

This month, by request, I’m pleased to be hosting Vince Kelvin. A number of you requested him recently and he has been cool enough to agree to fly up from LA and speak at this month’s Symposium. Vince is one of THEE most intelligent and credible individuals there is within the field of success with women.

While most coaches out there are great with women, virtually none have any background or prior experience in actually helpng people creating change in their lives in any other way. Vince has a combined 17 years and 15,000 hours of experience in hypnotherapy, which he was doing long before the community came about, and his intense passion for helping people is apparent. On top of that he is an expert on almost every related topic there is (daygame, nightgame, routines, natural, cold reading, etc). Check out the video below to see more of what he is about…

What he will cover…

You’ll get first exposure to Vince’s Brand New ATTRACTION ACCELERATION MODEL!

To help you more easily…

– Escalate where you use to hesitate!
– Kino right away, the natural way!
– Speed up sexual tension from the start!
– Utilizing all that she says to serve the seduction!
– Turning any topic into a source for sexual acceleration!

Plus Vince’s very unique MULTI-DIMENSIONAL MAN SYSTEM!

To best assist you to naturally…

– Balance the four main attractive archetype women most adore in a man and have crushes for!
– Know when and how to be more cocky, more authentic, more dominant, and/or mysterious and magical!
– Screen women to better approach and manage them, and know how to differentiate SNL material from LTR material!

Plus Vince will be happy to use this 19 years of experience in the community to assist you with any aspect of your pickup and life as as man!

Note: Sign-ups are online only! If you try to pay at the door, you will be turned away.

****As a bonus he will be giving away for FREE his daygame mastery CD to everybody who signs up and attends this event.

About Vince Kelvin…


Who is Vince Kelvin? (Interview)

I have gotten a number of requests to have this guy come speak for us, and have since been checking him out. I am REALLY liking his stuff. It is kind of nerdy, but this guy has been teaching since 1990 and is REALLY about giving value. Here is the interview. Enjoy. -Keen

Vince, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Let me first thank you Briddick for the opportunity to do this interview, what you’re doing here with your group is really awesome…and as far as myself…

Well…I like long walks on the beach, and sunsets…LOL! Seriously, I specialize in providing guys with full spectrum resources for a complete manhood make-over, BEYOND PICKUP, the whole life-change! From inner game to bedroom escalation, day game to sexual acceleration, V.I.P. night game to even improvisation classes for pickup and seduction, you’re love, sex, and overall-life will never be the same, we cover it all from a to z! We even address all the surrounding areas to create a truly successful lifestyle as a powerful, social, fun, sexy man, such as time-efficiency, professional progress, spirituality, etc!

At what point in your life did you decide you wanted to become a pick up artist?

Long before the term PUA, or “community” was ever used, LOL! After hitting a traumatic rock bottom at all levels, in 1990 I started studying self-improvement like a maniac, then began to teach a variety of self-help courses in Colleges around L.A., and sure enough, within a few years, all areas of my life were starting to come together nicely, mentally, spiritually, professionally, EXCEPT…with women!!! I WAS SO STUCK AND FRUSTRATED! Continue reading Who is Vince Kelvin? (Interview)

Sinn Daygame Report (FREE 4 YOU)

Hey, I just finished talking with Sinn and I was able to get him to OK sending you his new day game report for free.

I WILL NOT recommend stuff I haven’t tried myself and the report is VERY solid. Short and sweet and straight to the point.
I tend to get bored with long theoretical discussions about girl things so this was ideal.

Pay special attention to the “conspiracy” tip at the end. I utilized it this past weekend and ended up taking the girl home,
(obviously this was due to MORE than just this single concept, but she was with a group of dudes and the conspiracy
thing helped me shift her alliance over to me so we could leave the venue).

Again this is a freebie to you being one of my subscribers, you don’t need to buy or sign-up for anything.

Here is the d/l –>


To Excellence,
-Keen Klein

PS- I’d would appreciate your feedback on the new blog. Leave a comment with your thoughts (good or bad) if you have a quite sec.